If you think you have heard every level of racism and stupidity in the past four years, there is more in stock for you. The State of Alabama reached a new level of stupid!

I have always heard that some are dumb, and some are dumber. It pains me to say that Alabama has acquired both the dumb and dumber titles. It was dumb enough for them to ban yoga in 1993 in the name of Religion. The State became even dumber today by struggling to pass a bill repealing the 1993 law, banning the word “Namaste,” and requiring that poses in Sanskrit be converted to English descriptive names. Do they seriously believe that giving something a non-foreign name will change its origin?

Sanskrit has indirectly influenced the vast majority of the English Language. While you are busy banning “Namaste,” you might as well add Mother, Father, Son, Love, and many more to the list.

Namaste is a respectful greeting that translates to “I bow to you.” It’s more secular than saying “bless you.” And many of the stretches performed in school have directly derived from yoga! Flash News: YOU ARE ALREADY DOING IT!

Finally, as per banning the chanting, mantras, and mudras, it’s arguable, however, I will not go into it right now.

All I have to say is call this what it is: Racist, Foreign-Phobia, Hypocrisy, and Plain stupidity!

Check out  CNN  for more details.